Welcome to the new American Water Resources (AWRA) Northern California Section Website. The Goal of the Northern California Section of AWRA is to advance multi-disciplinary water resources education, management, and research. Our membership is multidisciplinary; diversity is its hallmark. We are the professional home of a wide variety of water resources experts including engineers, educators, foresters, biologists, ecologists, geographers, managers, regulators, hydrologists, and attorneys.

2018-2019 Board Elections


The 2018-2019 Board positions open for nominations in this election are:

(1) President, (2) Vice-President, (3) Secretary, (4) Treasurer, (5) Membership Chairperson.  Information about the composition of the Board, frequency of elections and related information can be found in the AWRA NorCal By-Laws.


To submit a nomination, the following information must be submitted:

  • Name and full contact information of the nominee, including title and organization
  • Board Position Desired
  • One to two paragraphs explanation for the nomination for a leadership position in the Association

Nominees should review, understand and be prepared to fully accept the Board Member Key Roles and Responsibilities before committing to serve on the Board. Once elected, all Board of Directors are required to be members of both National AWRA as well as member of AWRA NorCal.

Nominations must be sent by e-mail to by March 16th, at 5:00 p.m.


The election will be held from April 2nd to 6th by electronic ballot and the final results will be announced at the AWRA NorCal Annual Meeting on April 12th, in Sacramento, California.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Roger Putty at 916-804-8549.



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